9 04 2009

Saturday, April 25 @ 9 PM @ MeetFactory – part of Evolution Night

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” This quote by Arthur C. Clarke applies well to Burning the Sound, a performance by young Portugese artist Rudolfo Quintas combining high technology with one of the earliest tools used by humans – fire. Over the thousands of years this element has not lost any of its magical, mesmerizing qualities. With all our current knowledge the behaviour of flames is still beyond our control and understanding. The performance amplifies this chaotic energy, taking us back in time to a moment when we would gather around a fireplace to witness to shamans. The custom software instrument developed by Quintas is so well designed that all of the involved high technology seems to disappear, bringing into focus the live performer and his skill of ‘playing with fire’. The work is both compositional and performative – both technical and expressive. Quintas’s own presence in the work drawing the audience into the light of the flame leads to a kind of exchange – a kind of visual and physical ritual. The lighter functions as a kind of paintbrush that can carve out sounds from the air that fire is fire is constantly eating’. – Transmediale Jury Statement, Berlin, February 2009


Rudolfo Quintas (1980) is a Portuguese born visual artist, performer and interaction designer who seeks to expand the horizons and language of contemporary art. He explores domains of gesture and motion analyses, computer graphics and electronic music, often related to augmented reality. His research into the body as interface has been a fundamental element in his work frequently formalized in performance and installation art. His work is published in: ‘Younger Than Jesus: The Artist Directory’ co-published by the New Museum New York and Phaidon (2009 USA), TEDANCE book published by FMH (2009 PT), Taide Art Magazine (2009 FI), Performance Research (2007 UK) and ARTECH (2005 PT). He was awarded at Transmediale 2009, Future Places 2008, and Inter.Faces 2005 and has shown his work in conferences, major galleries and festivals in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Holland, England, Germany, Finland, Slovakia, Mexico, Turkey and the USA.



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