9 04 2009

Psychotik Room is an interactive installation in which the viewer is immersed in a psychiatric isolation room with 3D glasses. By dint of infrared sensors and heartbeats sensor, the 3D environment and sound are modified in real time. This installation questions relationship between new media‘s immersion and social isolation of the individual. Thus underlining the frailty of human body confronted with today’s world, in a sterile hospital universe, out of reality, referring to the horror film’s aesthetic. This installation offers to the viewer a moment of deep closeness and meditation, in a 3D universe modified under corporal pressures that may cause claustrophobia feelings.


The Dardex-Mort2Faim Collective gathers several artists, Quentin Destieu, Romain Senatore, Sylvain Huguet, and Stephane Kyles, who graduated from the Ecole Supérieure d’Art in Aix en Provence and some of them became laureates of Pépinières Européennes for young artists. They are activists as well as performers and first of all they engaged in an exploration of the notion of play, reprocessing popular aesthetics and underground culture, thus underlining the frailty of social relationships and the human body confronted with today’s world. Since they appreciate the video game “8 bits” universe and the computer and networks revolution, they express themselves by means of several techniques: video, sound, graphic arts, design, laser and the web in installations and happenings using interactivity and games. They collaborate with the International Centre for Art and New Technologies in Prague (CIANT), the Emergences festival in Paris, the Eniarof experimental fun fair and the M2F Creations Association in Aix en Provence. They have also presented their works on a regular basis since 2003 in various exhibitions and festivals in France and abroad.





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