9 04 2009

Friday, April 24, 2009 @ 6 & 7 PM @ DOX: Presentation and AV performance

The House of Natural Fiber (HONF) is a New Media art laboratory based in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Founded in 1999, HONF concentrates on the principles of critique and innovation. Since the beginning, HONF has consistently focused on cultural development and New Media art, running numerous New Media art projects and workshops focused on education in art, science and technology. In every project HONF concentrates on interactivity with people and environments. Thinking forward, positive and creative is becoming a vision for this community. In the implementation of this vision, in every program, HONF works towards the development of art with technology. This desire to contemplate the future of art, science and technology is an important endeavor for the technology itself. At ENTER festival, HONF will give a presentation on Education Focus Program (EFP); a curriculum used by HONF in their community-based activities in Yogyakarta. EFP is a program initiated by HONF in forms of interdisciplinary workshops, presentations and discussions. It is developed to respond towards educational situations and conditions in a developing country of Indonesia. EFP directive is to build a modern mind of a future on technology, based on human uses, needs and knowledge, through interdisciplinary backgrounds using education as the core of every activity. In order to accelerate EFP impact to the society, Cellsbutton, Yogyakarta International Media Art Festival, was initiated. It is an annual public gathering of international artists, engineers and scientists to have mutual knowledge exchanges. In Cellsbutton, EFP implementation takes form of presentations, discussions, and workshops involving interdisciplinary dialogues, innovative ideas and critical analysis in technology applications thus allowing transdisciplinary responsive actions between individuals, communities and institutions. Presentation will be given by four HONF representatives: Tommy Surya, Irene Agrivine, Julian Abraham and Andreas Siagian.


There will be an AV performance starting right after the presentation. It will demonstrate subjects of the presentation including projects of VJ school and breakcore_LABS.


Tommy Surya (1976), male, Indonesian, 2001 graduated from graphic design faculty (BA), Indonesia Institute of the Arts (ISI) Yogyakarta. Focus on new media art since 2000, one of founder ‘the house of natural fiber, yogyakarta new media art laboratory’ (HONF) http://www.natural-fiber.com He intends and focuses in organize the community and projects in HONF, and also create and experimenting in visual or videos based medium. Active on vj gathering in community / young creative movement in the region that focus on how to explore many medium as a creative tools. He’s one of key person who intends to build Cellsbutton and YIVF forum for continuing/related projects. One of his project is vjnumberoneProject. It’s a video jockey project , an experimental live performance video jockey that develop in many medium as sources and performances. But in the other hand, its project also focused on video jockey artist’s education through workshops and discussion among vj community. (http://www.vjnumberone.wordpress.com) Also, Tommy is a project and technical manager for YIVF (Yogyakarta International Videowork Festival) and CELLSBUTTON (Yogyakarta International Media Art Festival), which produced and organized by HONF every year.

Irene Agrivina Widyaningrum, born in 1976, female, Indonesian, graduated from graphic design faculty (BA), Indonesia Institute of art (ISI) Yogyakarta at 2000. She is one of the founder of house of natural fiber (HONF), Yogyakarta new media art laboratory (www.natural-fiber.com) She is active on organizing the communities and projects at HONF, managing and bridging the communications and collaboration between young creative movements and HONF. Also she was founder of 10:05 Newsletter, an urban monthly newsletter, that issued on young creative communities, that influences the most electronic music movements in Yogyakarta. As media artist, she focused on society empowerments, for instance a project called CellsKid, a project that focus on children creativity. Most of her works influenced as well by fashion cultures and youth cultures. Also, Irene is a key person of YIVF (Yogyakarta International Videowork Festival) and CELLSBUTTON (Yogyakarta International Media Art Festival), which produced and organized by HONF every year.

Julian Abraham otherwise known as Togar was born in Medan, Indonesia, 1987. He is currently studying at Akindo University in Jogjakarta and participating in several art and music projects. Togar is a member of HONF (the house of natural fiber) which is a media art laboratory in Jogjakarta, Indonesia. Julian Abraham is the founder and playing as the drummer of the band called diSko (Noise Rock), together with Anggito (Anggisluka) they decided to form diSko at the end of 2005. Then, in mid-2006, Irene ‘Ira’ Agrivine (Artist / Curator), go join the diSko, and involved in launch of their first album, called “Disko Matematis”. in the mid-year 2007, diSko break because of the pressure from various parties. In this void Julian Abraham still desire to continue exploring music, and try to combine all the music instruments to work it with a computer or electronic medium, Hardware or Software. At the start of Bians.cult, project exploration of digital sound analog to concentrate on the composition of the sound that was built by the sound spectrum and is issued through a digital analog converter to analog devices that unlimited amount. Depart from here, Julian Abraham continue the exploration to the tones composition, and sounds, to changed into a song, This is done to continue his desire on music, and technology. Julian Abraham also working with breakcore_LABS, Indonesia breakcore movement.

Andreas Siagian – HONF [the house of natural fiber – yogyakarta new media art laboratory]: started his activities as an editor of a sub-culture and rave culture magazine called 10:05 News where he was then actively involved in community development with The House of Natural Fiber [HONF] – Yogyakarta New Media Art Laboratory since 2004 until present day. By the curriculum of Education Focus Program from HONF, he involved in the producing and organizing of 2 annual community-base organized festivals called YIVF – Yogyakarta International Videowork Festival and Cellsbutton – Yogyakarta International Media Art Festival. As for his involvement in HONF community-base organized projects as organizer, facilitator and artist, he uses his civil engineer background discipline in his art works such as scientific researches, software programming and construction knowledge. His current work on progress is an expansion research in 2001, Environmental Engineering for Civil Engineer on hydro purification installation for housing and industries.