9 04 2009

Thursday, April 23, 2009 @ 8 PM @ DOX

Real-time composition for drums and percussion, live-electronics & live-video

The drummer, Stefan Weinzierl, hits a foot-pedal and four bars of the score are generated in real-time – slice by slice – new and unique. Different parameters, set in a graphical score by the composer, define properties of each bar (such as density, instrument-range, dynamic or random-factor). The note propagation varies from strict deterministic to fully aleatoric behaviour. The score-data is automatically transcribed using real-time notation-software and is displayed to the drummer. A copy of the performers view is sent via lan-connection to another machine and is used as input for the generation of video-animations that are projected for the audience. The projections react to sonic input as well as to a pair of infrared-sensors mounted in front of the drummer. These are used for controlling digital audio-processing calculated on a third computer that is connected to the other machines in the network. All sound-effects are generated out of acoustic material played during the performance. Interaction, real-time-processing of score, audio and video were in focus while developing the piece. But the main goal was to connect these processes meaningful to each other.


Jacob Sello (*1976 Hamburg/Germany) began to play violin with the age of four, then switched to different flutes, trumpet and finally guitar. He played in various ensembles and bands or performed as soloist. In the mid 90´s he got introduced to electronic music and began to experiment with the new possibilities given by the computer-technology. After absolving a school for audio-engineering (SAE) in 1998 he started to study Systematic Musicology at the Hamburg University and graduated in 2008 (writing his final thesis on sonic installation art). Since 2007 he is student in Georg Hajdu´s master class for Multimedia Composition at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg. He played with different Hamburg-based Jazz-combos, enriching the instrumental music with electronic atmospheres wand digital sound-effects and samples. He produced several radio-plays and wrote music for theatre-productions. Though focussing on electronic sound creation and production for more than 10 years, he is highly interested in the exiting possibilities that arise from the conjunction of traditional acoustic instruments and state-of-the-art technology. These days he experiments with techniques of algorithmic composition, digital signal-processing and 3d-video-animation. He loves to develop his very own interfaces and controllers for interactive computer-music and multimedia-performances.

Stefan Weinzierl (*1985, Günzburg/Germany) unwillingly thinks in stereotypes in regid categories! Thus, as a Drummer and Multi-Percussionist he is invariably challenged by all kinds of compositions beyond every type, form and genre borders. He is a Timpanist and Drummer in classical ensembles and orchestras (Orchester Junge Symphonie Regensburg, Bayerisches Auswahlorchester zur EXPO 2000 Hannover) as well as in Jazz- and Rock/Pop bands (University Jazz Orchestra Regensburg). Since 2008 Stefan Weinzierl has increasingly centred on the soloistic sheet music and the contemporary chamber music (Hamburger Klangwerktage 2008). On this account he studies in the artistic master course of Percussion and Timpani at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg. In addition to the improvement of his technical drummer skills he cares about pedagogic work. Therefore, with 23 years he already concluded his study of the educational sciences, music sciences and music educational theory with the first state examination at the University of Regensburg and the Hochschule für katholische Kirchenmusik und Musikpädagogik Regensburg. Beside his work as an instrumental teacher (Sing- und Musikschule Regensburg, private Musiklehrer Institute Ostbayern) and instructor in drums- and percussion workshops Stefan Weinzierl is a freelance collaborator of the neue musikzeitung, ConBrio Verlagsgesellschaft mbH (Educational information center PIZ).