9 04 2009

The installation consists of working with light architecture in space. Giving back birth to inanimate object, this collaboration between architecture and visual interaction reflects the idea of thinking in a digital world were reality and virtual are mixed up.


Paul Destieu lives and works between Slovenia and France. His different plastic interventions take over architectural environment to set it as experimentation ground. His productions generally result from intrusions in landscape allowing him to activate poetry dynamic within the place. Through high jacking actions or through plastic attacks, these interferences aim at revealing alternative configurations of the environment he involves.

With music released through various labels: Imp Records, Wrong Music, Logos Prod, Psychorock… Fenshu is a french composer of the most authorial kind. Stimulating frequencies to build a kind of post electronica flirting with lo-fi sound of old entertainment video games, a noise mixture harmony guided by some precise beats and loud kicks. After loads of vinyls on different labels, driving him from underground techno to experimental electro, familiar to the Warp Records sounds, label for which he worked as graphic designer. He has recently moved to Slovenia, where he intends to go further at deep braindance music, and different experimental performances though keeping the details (lush melodies, open mind, mood swings) that make it so special.