9 04 2009

“Emotions as a driver for memory.”

To combine snapshots and qualitative aspects of an emotion it is necessary to appeal to the memory that comes form the corpus of emotion. And it seems reasonable to think that emotions are themselves the source of content memorial. In tribute to the writer G. Perec, dispersion in the sphere of digital memories, the installation is close to the sound poetry, questioning values appropriate to the memory. Memory loss and foremost, a combination that calls to dispel memories performance to a conversion of emotions and mental states. The elements of this situation weave a link between the world of words and the digital. The beginning of scouring sentence encapsulates the memory for distribution in a sieve that made it comes out, an operation that will accentuate the disappearance. The object: interior monologue, it is declaims by a voice synthesis “manipulated” by the actor. A series of physiological sensors are placed on the body of the actor, his breathing, movements of an eye, his heartbeat and muscle of his jaw are connected to a machine “interpreter of emotions” To achieve the words, their tone, these emotions just provide a phrase generator information on how prosody. Prepared on a simple plan, one seat is placed on the left; the actor is sitting above or next. A screen arranged diagonally slightly illuminates the scene of slow decomposition of images. In the few memories 479 set by the bionic brain, the actor silent focuses on emotions that shipment. The sound is distributed through 5 speakers arranged within the scene. The sound must make think the public that he is in the mental universe of the actor. The system involves the performer in complicity with the different levels of analysis. The management and treatment of loops, samples of G.Perec “I remember…” enable it to adjust sound layers. Tools: PureData, labview, python, panda3d, blender, java. Several modules can be constituted interpretative for purposes of exploration. The analyze filters are the major remaining issue.

The installation / workshop offers an opportunity for visitors to compare their own approach to the analysis of physiological data.


Ivan Chabanaud makes studies in Paris in “Beaux Arts” and “Metiers d’Arts” and begins is work with the classical painting stuff. Around the 1992 year his first approach of numerical work start with video computed “Hero Logo” about the mythological trip of Ulysse. Further he makes computed animation on the Marcel Duchamps “Etant Donnés” work. After this, real-time appear more essential on his work, trough virtual reality immersion and network streaming. Like Icare installation (virtual immersion) and Selfworld (numeric motel). He has been working during a time in the CICV structure in Montbeliard and the last years on stage for choreographic projects. He develops experimentations on 2008 with the R.A.N (Réseau Art Numérique) with physiological sensors.