9 04 2009

Saturday, April 25 @ 8 PM @ MeetFactory

Open studio: You are invited to preview a new project “ANA3V3A-50Hz” which is an analogue audio-visual installation of three video signals (animations) in a process of transformation into audio.


Antena is an independent international art collective founded in Prague in 2001. From its original focus on nonverbal and experimental theatre taking part in various site specific projects and collaborations with Grotest Maru (DE), Big Art Group (USA), Recto Verso (CAN), the collective is now interested in new media and technologies. It also deals with light design, VJ-ing, audio productions and audiovisual installations. In 2003-2006 Antena was based is Berlin while organizing meetings of artists who are interested in experimental music, video, and sound installations. With Mangrove Kipling (FR) initiated a group “TV Print” and in collaboration with Salon Bruit organized “Noise NoD” session in the Czech Republic.

Petr Krušelnický (1977) aka Antena graduated from Duncan Centre dance academy, studied with Prof. Ctibor Turba, was a member of Divadlo mimů Alfred ve dvoře and of Grotest Maru (DE) theatre collective. Among other projects he was involved in creation of a performance by Mino Tanaka as well as of 3W Griftheater. He is interested in audiovisual projects in the area of analogue electronic media.