Young & Sound

9 04 2009

Sunday, April 19, 2009 @ 6 PM @ CIANT GALLERY: Exhibition opening with a lecture of exhibiting artists

Contemporary sound art from Oslo





Exhibiting artists are recent or former students of National Academy of the Arts, Faculty of Visual Art, Academy of Fine Arts, Oslo. Academy of Fine Arts in Oslo, established 100 years ago, recently offers BA and MA study programs for about 100 students. Along traditional study fields, new study area was established a few years ago: Sound / Digital Art. The school also takes part in KUNO Nordic Sound Art joint study program.



Lostsoul14: sux// uric_elf23: wat so bad but 2day?// Lostsoul14: @ school i showed the energy ball that u did on ur vid// uric_elf23: and?// Lostsoul14: dont want 2 talk bout it// uric_elf23: its not a circus trick// Lostsoul14: i know// uric_elf23: its ur energy focused// Lostsoul14: yeah// uric_elf23: its ki others cant c it when u do it// Lostsoul14: nuf with the lecture alreadyJ// uric_elf23: bt most peopl cant c it at all and cant perform it themslves// Lostsoul14: guess not// uric_elf23: bt u can?// Lostsoul14: yeah sure. like when did u lern to do it @ wat age?// uric_elf23: ive always had that talent. describe to me how it feels when you do it// Lostsoul14: i made a ball shape wit my hands above my desk and every1 said they could see it but i knew they couldnt// uric_elf23: the FEELING. wat dus it FEEL like inside u?// Lostsoul14: don’t know really. my hands get warm and get red flashes undr my lids. n i feel like tryin to push 2 magnets 2geter that dont atract n when i look down on my hands i c the air btween them s blury// uric_elf23: ur special// Lostsoul14: Jwish u were here// uric_elf23: i am// Lostsoul14: plz say ur not a fifty yer old pedofile// uric_elf23: im not a fifty yer old pedofileJ// Lostsoul14: lol how old r u?// uric_elf23: 16 n u?// Lostsoul14:15 uve interests?// uric_elf23: ponies// Lostsoul14: wtf?// uric_elf23: kiddn// Lostsoul14: lol// uric_elf23: ur parents asleep?// Lostsoul14: my mthr. she is. ur REAL interests?// uric_elf23: describe what you feel right now// Lostsoul14: alone.n tgthr wit u// uric_elf23: more// Lostsoul14: u vampireJ// uric_elf23: more// Lostsoul14: J// uric_elf23: more// Lostsoul14: like evrythn is the same evry day and that smthn bad s goin 2 hapn but nevr does so its a momnt rite b4 a disastr that s bn suspnded and we live inside that moment bt cus that moment s infinit it nevr dissolvs into the nxt moment when whtvr happens// uric_elf23: how does that make u feel bein in that moment?// Lostsoul14: like wanting to vomit// uric_elf23: do u cut urself?// Lostsoul14: 1time// uric_elf23: did it help?// Lostsoul14: kindof// uric_elf23: how ?// Lostsoul14: takin ctrl of the sick feelin takin it outside me. this is dpressin whatr ur interests plz answr or ls…// uric_elf23: listnin to music so loud my ers ring// Lostsoul14: m2 i like

(Stian Gabrielsen)



Serina’s works are often in the form of subtle interventions in a gallery or public space. Her works often generate a small displacement, not instantly recognizable by the viewer. But when noticed it often transforms the experience or the perception of the location. Sparkle will at first be noticed by the sound of electrical sparks. A piece of an electrical cord is hanging from the ceiling and emits blue sparks. The loose cable looks as a default in the electrical construction, or as something that someone forgot to remove.


Serina Erfjord makes site specific, almost invisible works. Talking puddles, quietly moaning walls or dangerously sparkling electric cables try to pass some message to visitor. One could see a connection to Russian non-spectacular art movement, but really, it’s rather about discovering a soul in object of everyday life.


The motor tightens or loosens the string according to temperature changes in real-time in Tromsø, compared to the average temperature the last 15 years in Tromsø. It will tighten or loosen the string as many steps as the temperature differs. This resulting in a change in the sound produced by the vibrating string (vibrated by a E-bow). If the live temperature is higher than the average temperature, the string gets tighten, and if the live temperature is lower than the average, the string loosens. If no change, then no change.

Higher pitch – Live temperature up compared to average

Non-movement in pitch – Equal, or no change in temperature

Lower pitch – Live temperature down compared to average


Frode Halvorsen works with decomposition – composition and likes small intelligent machines. Lately, he is interested in ecology and transfers rising global temperature into sounds with his special sound objects.


Click Click is a sound installation based on the working principals of the relay, an electromechanical component that is best described as an electrical switch that is operated by another electrical circuit. The relays are suspended by steel wires, hanging in mid air. They are all connected in series in such a way that when one relay is turned on, it turns on the next one, which turns on the next and so on. This chain reaction moves through the entire array of relays. The last one in the series is connected opposite in relation to the first relay, so that the first is turned off when the last one is turned on. When the first one gets turned off, it creates another chain reaction, turning all the relays off, and so the cycle is complete and starts over again. Due to the mechanical latency in the relays, it takes seven seconds for all the relays to get turned on and four seconds for them all to get turned off. Each time a relay gets turned on or off, it gives off a “click” sound, caused by the metal connectors in the relay hitting each other.


Kristoffer Myskja is fascinated by strangely looking machines, being busy with themselves. Most of his machines are small, but the one exhibited here is large and creates spatial sound patterns.


The work consists of an office without people where the equipment is running endlessly. The machines interact with each other by chance, making static, though ever changing musical composition.


Øystein Wyller Odden could perhaps get inspiration from Kraftwerk or Einstuerzende Neubauten when creating his ghost operated offices, producing music (or noise?) on their own

The exhibition is realized with a support of:

OCA – Office for Contemporary Art, Norway


KHiO – Oslo National Academy of the Arts