9 04 2009

Based on inventions and ideas of Nicola Tesla, explorations of Selim Lemström in the late 1880th and the actual NASA and ESA research on SPRITES – transit luminous events in between the tropo- and ionosphere – and their radial echo in extreme long frequency natural electromagnetic waves Jan-Peter E.R. Sonntag is going to transform live atmospheric plasma data into ultrasonic modulated air and high frequency electrical AC- fields in the space which let fluorescent tubes glow. Selim Lemström built up the first and only machines on a mountain in Lapland that creates artificial induced aurora borealis.

“The sky is a great dome of hard material arched over the earth. There is a hole in it through which the spirits pass to the true heavens. (…). The spirits who live there light torches to guide the feet of new arrivals. This is the light of the aurora. (…) The whistling crackling noise which sometimes accompanies the aurora is the voices of these spirits trying to communicate with the people of the earth.” – E. W. Hawkes reported about the “heavenly regions” of the Inuits in his book “The Labrador Eskimo” from 1916.


Jan-Peter E.R. Sonntag is an artist focusing mainly on media art-based room installations. He studied fine arts, art history, music theory, composition, philosophy and cognitive science and, in 2002, founded N-solab. He is a cofounder of “hARTware-projects” – now “HMKV”, “oh Ton” , “unerhört”. 2008: In addition to receiving a Haupstadtkulturfond grant for “e-topia”, he was awarded the “German Sound Art Prize”, the “Cynet Art Award”, got a prize in the  competition for a mobile architecture “ohrenstrand mobil” in Berlin and he opened the Ars Electronica in Linz with his sonArc::project.